More Visitors to Germany!!

They’re here!! Kaarin, Bradley, and Hannah arrived at the Munich Airport on Wednesday morning. Hannah did super well on the long flight and slept almost the entire trip. After getting the luggage stuffed in my car and purchasing some pretzels and coffee, we were ready to take the train into the city center. We had a slight problem when we got off the train at Marienplatz as Brad exited to the right (correctly) and Kaarin & Hannah followed me off the left side. We discovered ourselves on opposite sides of the tracks, but we all met up again upstairs and outside. We were there just in time to see the Glockenspiel at 11am and then had a bird’s eye view of the city from the top of the Rathaus tower. Then it was time for lunch at the famous beer hall, Hofbrauhaus. Sitting down for lunch was enough for them to realize how tired they were, so we headed back to my house. Hannah made a bee-line for the toys I have borrowed for her from a friend at PWOC. We ate a dinner of pork chops with apples & stuffing, managed to watch Monsters vs. Aliens, and then we all went to bed around 9pm!!

While the Fasses are here, I am only working in the mornings. I really didn’t want to go to work Thursday morning, but I didn’t need to feel bad since they all slept until almost 11am! I got home around 12:30pm and we had grilled cheese for lunch. We took it easy in the afternoon with a tour of the Army post and a trip to the carwash in Parsberg. In Germany, you drive the car into the carwash, get out, and then start it. Hannah thought it was pretty fun to watch the brushes get the car nice and clean. Then it was time for Champagne Thursday! Basically, some of my friends get together at someone’s house and all bring a bottle of champagne and an appetizer. Melynda brought her one-year-old daughter, Avery, and Paige brought her 11-year old daughter, Jadyn, to help watch Avery & Hannah. Brad happily watched a DVD upstairs while we had fun chatting about a wide variety of topics.

Today started rather early as I had to take Kaarin and Brad to get their temporary ID cards before I went to work. I ended up working until almost 2pm and then we drove to Regensburg. We saw two churches and the Old Stone Bridge. Hannah’s favorite parts of the centuries-old buildings were the stairs. She loves going up and down! She also enjoyed seeing the birds and “bow-wows.” The highlight for her was getting to pet a puppy in one of the shops. We ate dinner at Bishoffshof, a restaurant Brandon and I have wanted to try. The food was typical German and delicious. The waiters were quite amused that Hannah stayed occupied with the portable DVD player while we waited for the food to arrive. It was pretty clear that Hannah was ready to go home after dinner, so we drove home to play and watch another movie.

In case you are wondering why Brandon hasn’t been mentioned, he’s finishing up a major rotation. We have been lucky to see him the last two nights, but he leaves early in the mornings and gets home pretty late. Thankfully, the rotation ends tomorrow, so we hope to include him in our adventures soon. IN the meantime we are going to explore N├╝rnberg, and Hannah is super excited to ride another “choo choo.” Check back soon for the details of our next adventure!