The Second Spring…

Obviously, there is a LOT more to write about our Paris trip, but since those posts aren’t anywhere close to being done even after all this time, I am going to pause and post about more recent happenings here in Germany.

New patio set!

While this weekend is the unofficial start of summer back in the States, it has just started to feel like Spring here. Up until last week, it was rainy, cold, and miserable. When it finally started to warm up last weekend, Brandon and I took the opportunity to get the outside of our house spruced up a bit. He mowed the lawn and I planted my free flowers from Self-Help. I also bought two tomato plants again, so hopefully, we will have some delicious roma and cherry tomatoes later in the season. At Brandon’s suggestion, we stopped at the PXtra to look at their patio sets. We found one we liked, but in typical PXtra service, there wasn’t anyone there on Sunday that could actually sell it to us. I went back on Tuesday, discovered the floor display was the last one, promptly purchased it (with a 10% discount!), and persuaded our friend with a truck to pick it up that day. (Thanks, Keith!) So, now that we have a full propane tank in the grill, a place to sit outside and pretty flowers to look at, I think we are ready for summer whenever the weather finally cooperates!

New hanging flower baskets.

My "garden" of two tomato plants, basil, and parsley.

The neighbor's lilacs that are on our side of the fence.

Of course, that is assuming that I will want to be outside at some point. Once again, the second blooming season is proving more difficult than the first. My body has decided that it really does not like all of the pollens, etc. that it tolerated last year. (The same thing happened when I moved to North Carolina.) Around the time we went to Paris, I had terrible, itchy hives that required a round of steroids to overcome. It was suggested that I might have been reacting to the birch trees, but the German doctor decided not to do any allergy testing. Now I’m experiencing my more typical sinus-related reactions. I suspect that is from the blooming rapeseed in the fields and the coat of pollen dust on everything! The unfortunate part is that we don’t have air conditioning, so we need to have the windows open for air flow. I am trying to cope with lots of allergy drugs and hoping that this too shall pass!

Meanwhile, Brandon continues to stay busy at work. He has been in Poland since Monday at a conference where he had to meet with the JMTC General at the beginning and is now the only U.S. Army representative there. He’ll drive back this coming Monday, but needless to say, this is not how he would have chosen to spend his Memorial Day Weekend. We are both disappointed that we couldn’t travel somewhere like we did last year, but I am also grateful for the quiet time at home to get caught up with school work. I’m taking my third of nine classed towards my MAcc and have a presentation and a Midterm due this weekend. I fell a bit behind this week while I was in Garmisch for two days preparing tax returns. Thankfully, things have slowed down considerably at the tax center, so work is not so stressful for me these days. Perhaps, that will give me more time to write blog posts! 🙂

I completely failed to note that my blog turned one-year-old on 8 MAY. I haven’t done a stellar job of posting regularly, but I’ve tried to hit the highlights of at least our major trips and hope that it has been somewhat interesting to read. Of course, the most important goal of this blog is to document our experiences so Brandon and I will remember all of our adventures after our whirlwind tour in Germany is complete!