While he was gone…

You may (or may not!) have noticed that my blog has been pretty quiet the past few months. You see, my husband deployed to Afghanistan on January 12th and finally returned home last Friday, May 13th. I’ve been subjected to enough AFN commercials to be aware of OPSEC, although I doubt my blog can be considered much of a security risk. Still, I didn’t feel comfortable posting to the World Wide Web that I was all alone in Germany. That minor detail aside, the main reason I haven’t written anything is because I’ve been too crazy busy!

After we returned home from our fabulous Mediterranean Cruise, it seemed to be just one thing after another! We arrived home on Christmas Day to a broken furnace and a freezing house. About a week later on New Year’s Eve Day, we awoke to water seeping into our basement from the neighbor’s side of the duplex. (Apparently, she was not aware that turning your heat off when you leave in the winter months can cause your water pipes to freeze and burst.) And then Brandon deployed. Needless to say, 2011 did not start well for us!

Then, I started working at the Tax Center again. I had two weeks of training up at Vilseck and Graf and officially opened the Hohenfels Tax Center on February 1st. A steady flow of clients kept me occupied during the day. Thankfully, I completed my coursework for my Master of Accountancy in January, so at least my evenings weren’t dedicated to hours of homework like last year. I still managed to fill most of my free time with Catholic Musician responsibilities, HCSC treasurer duties, gym workouts, hand bell rehearsals, spending time with friends, and chatting with Brandon on the computer. My coping mechanism is obviously busyness!

In addition to my “normal” schedule, here are some of the significant events that happened while he was gone:

  • I went Antique shopping with Melynda, Paige & Kimmey a couple of times. One excursion included climbing a ladder into a lady’s barn…unfortunately, no treasures were found there. We had better luck at Keferloh.

  • In April, Mom and Dad visited for about 10 days. Since they’ve seen most of what there is to see around Hohenfels, we decided to do some traveling. We enjoyed a few days in Heidelberg where my Aunt Sandy spent a year during college. We also visited some family friends in Weinheim. Then we drove on to spend a few days in Colmar, France where the highlight was a tour along the Route des Vins.

  • Finally, the days before Brandon arrived home turned out to be quite eventful. After Easter Vigil, I had a small accident with the car…I turned too soon pulling out of our driveway and scraped the front bumper against the concrete wall. It’s fixed now and everything is fine, but at the time it was quite traumatic! It was probably better that Brandon wasn’t home to actually see it!

  • I also enjoyed the days leading up to the JMRC Spring Ball more this year without Brandon. He hates formals and doesn’t keep that a secret. This year, he had a good excuse to not go, but I didn’t let that stop me from attending. Although I missed him at the actual event, I had a lovely time tagging along with the Weavers.

So, that pretty much sums up the last five months. Now that Brandon is home and work at the Tax Center has slowed to a painful crawl, I hope that I’ll do better posting updates…we’ll see!