Happy Birthday, Patrick!

Our nephew, Patrick, turned four this past week. I wanted to make a card for the occasion and was quite pleased with the result. I found the idea online here.

I altered the original to use things that I had on hand. The original also used three quarters, but I thought two $1 bills would be less weight to mail and more fun to spend! Turns out I was right. Patrick was able to purchase a Batman notebook and some gum.

It can be difficult to make cards for boys, but I think this idea is a keeper for both boys and girls. I can’t wait for my other nieces & nephew to turn four!


Happy 2012!

Happy New Year! Things here are finally settling back into a more normal routine after our enjoyable holiday travels to Mallorca and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I hope to fill you in on those trips soon.


As our time in Germany is quickly dwindling, my goal is to capture more everyday moments. Today was a crazy weather day in Hohenfels! At times we had rain, light snow, heavy snow, ice pellets, and sun. When I went to the gym it was sunny without a trace of snow on the ground. When I left 40 minutes later, about an inch had accumulated. I have a feeling it won’t stick around very long, but it left a beautiful dusting on everything tonight. This was the view from my living room when I got home.