Frohe Ostern!

Happy Easter! He is risen! He is risen indeed!

(And I’m alive, too, although it’s hard to tell from my blog! Was my last post really back in January?? Yikes!! I’m going to blame tax season…but enough excuses.)

It was a chilly Easter here in Hohenfels. There were even snow flurries on my car this morning!

I am proud to say that I survived playing all of the Holy Week services for the Catholic Chapel on post. To be honest, I will not miss playing the Easter Vigil Mass next year! The service was about two hours last night, and I’ve learned to wear my glasses because the incense bothers my contacts. At least there was cake afterwards to celebrate the confirmation candidates! I am also super thankful for my wonderful cantors that assisted me at all four services!

After church this morning, it was a pretty quiet Easter day for us; however, last weekend we enjoyed a relatively new German tradition, the Ostermarkt. Easter Markets are not as prevalent as Christmas Markets, but they are growing in popularity. We went to the Easter Market at the Kuhstallcafe in Illkofen (about 10 minutes from Hohenfels).

Kuhstallcafe literally means Cow Barn Café, which is exactly what it is! It’s a café over a cow barn that is only open on Sundays and holidays and serves delicious kuchen (cakes). Even though we went for the market, we had to stop for cake and coffee/tea. We even splurged and had our drinks mit Schuss (with a shot of liquor)!

Erdbeerjoghurttorte (Strawberry Yogurt Cake)

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake)

While the Easter Market was small, there were some nice things. I purchased the wooden bunny pictured at the beginning of this post, along with a spring door decoration, a metal hanging plant holder, and a decorative wooden basket.

I definitely think we should have Easter Markets back in the U.S. and a Cow Café certainly seems feasible back home in the Midwest! Just a few of the things we will miss about Germany when we move later this year.

I wish everyone a blessed Easter!